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How do I start?

You can contact The Massage Clinic at 905-257-5888 or email me at I will return your call and answer any questions you may have regarding the therapy process.

We can schedule a preliminary 30-minute free telephone consultation to explore your needs, concerns, and expectations for service. During this session, you can see if what I offer is the best fit for you and we can be sure that what I offer addresses your needs.

How long and how often are the therapy sessions?

I offer 50-minute counselling sessions with the frequency to be determined by you. Most people find it helpful to attend counselling sessions on a weekly basis to achieve the best results. Results may take a bit longer with bi-weekly or monthly sessions because greater time has passed between sessions, which can prolong getting to the emotional work involved in therapy.

Will my therapist give me advice or tell me what to do?

Therapists try not to offer advice. At times, they may provide education or make suggestions regarding other resources in the community that might be beneficial to you given the work you are doing in therapy. Often times through the process of therapy clients achieve greater clarity, which helps them to find the best answers for their life.

Are your fees covered by insurance?

Many extended health plans will reimburse people for the costs of counselling with a Registered Social Worker. I recommend that you contact your plan provider to ensure coverage and any annual dollar limits as coverage varies between plans and providers.

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“Don’t let your struggle become your identity”




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