Why You Need to Feel Your Emotions, Including the Difficult Ones

Why is it so difficult?  Why is it sometimes soooo hard to sit with our disappointment, sadness, or anger?  Tell someone to feel the ‘wins’ in life, the successes, the happy moments, the fun times, and there’s no issue.  In fact, most would say “I can’t get enough of those days!”  But tell someone they’re…

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Five Steps to Creating Lasting Change

Happy New Year Everyone! Wow, 2016! A new year, a new you, right? Many view the kicking off of a new year as an opportunity to ‘start fresh’, set new goals, and hopefully change some of the less than desirable habits..

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5 Ways Active Therapy Can Change Your Life

I just returned from an active therapy session with one of my clients, and I have to tell you – I absolutely love when the person I’m working with has an “ah-ha” moment. This particular client arrived at her session feeling anxious and overwhelmed by certain challenges in her life. Given that it was such…

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